We at Monicake pride ourselves on delivering cakes that not only look good but taste good too. The passion for making cakes dates back to several years ago when we first started to make cakes just for family and friends. The encouragement we have had over the years has led us to where we are today, catering for Weddings, Anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions.


Need help deciding on a wedding cake for your big day? We are here to help. There are several things to consider when choosing a wedding cake for your special day.


Is the cake part of your main dessert or just for cutting, as you will need to consider how many guests need to be catered for?

Having an idea of guests can help to decide how many portions you would need and how many tiers would be needed to fulfill this. Sometimes you may decide to stick to a specific design and also have extra cutting cake for serving as desert.


What type of wedding cake are you looking for?

Cake styles can vary from the traditional multi-tiered cake, (stacked or separated) to a more modern and contemporary cupcakes style tower with a cutting cake. You should consider how you would like your cake to be embellished, simple and elegant with ribbons to separate the tiers or something a bit more “bling”. If you have a color theme you may want to decide whether you would like to incorporate that theme into your cake design too.


What flavours and types of cake are there to choose from?

The taste of the cake should have as much of a Wow! factor as its appearance. Choosing the flavour of your cake can be the hardest decision to make as there are so many options available. Do you choose a flavour that is suitable for your own personal taste or do you go for a flavour that is most likely to be preferred by your guests. Even though the most common and safest options are vanilla and chocolate, there is nothing stopping you from choosing more extravagant flavours, such as lemon drizzle, red velvet, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate orange and others. When choosing the flavour you may also need to consider food allergies and decide whether your cake needs to be gluten free or eggless as these options are now widely available.

Need more help or advice? We are here to help you decide on your perfect cake for your special day. Please visit www.monicake.co.uk or contact us on Tel: 079672 177 16, email: monica@monicake.co.uk.