So, what does a wedding planner do? There is a common misconception that a wedding planner has to cost the earth and is an added expense; but what people don’t realise is that we have the contacts and experience in place to grab great rates and the experience to know trustworthy suppliers etc which inevitabley will save you money for your big day. We are able to negotiate unrivalled discounts and deliver a dream wedding, for a fraction of the cost, and with no stress.

We meet, you tell us what you want for your wedding day and what the budget is. Our fee is typically 10% of the spend, depending on what your budget is, we always discuss and agree this upfront upon initial consultation, once we are aware of how much time and love is required to deliver your day. Whatever our cost is, you will double, treble and in most cases quadruple that cost in return by our negotiations with top wedding professionals.

We ensure all your supplier contracts are signed, all insurances in place. We work with you month-by-month ensuring a timely schedule and you are up to date with all your appointments re dresses, suit fittings, rehearsals, bans, hair, etc. And we are there on the day with you from preparation until the dancing has begun.

We are discrete, and hidden in the background; you will not know that we are there.

Fee: 10% of budget (minimum £1,500)